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Now servicing Samsung phones at mobilemend.

At mobilemend we have repair issues covered for your broken Samsung. When repairing the latest Samsung devices, we have cost effective repair options to restore your device back into original shape.

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mobilemend Samsung Repair Services - Samsung Broken Screen Repalcement - Brantford Simcoe

Samsung Screen Replacement
Possible symptoms you are experiencing with your Samsung screen:
• Cracked or shattered glass
• Pieces of glass missing
• You can hear notification sounds but have no image
• Discoloured or black marks covering the image your suppose to be seeing
• Bars going from top to bottom on the screen

If the current state of your Samsung meets any of the criteria above there is a high chance that all your Samsung needs is a new screen. If you are unsure, you can always drop by the Brantford or Simcoe shop and we can help determine the issue. Most Samsung screen replacements can be done same day or even within an hour onsite.
Mobilemend ensures quality when it comes to replacement screens for your Samsung. From the beginning, we have been offering you the choice of Aftermarket quality or Original quality. Mobilemend works daily with suppliers to make sure you are getting the highest available quality of Aftermarket and Original screens. Keep in mind, there are many qualities of Aftermarket and Original screens available and not all repair shops buy from the same supplier: you get what you pay for in our experience. Now when comparing Aftermarket screens to Original quality screens, there some differences you should consider: Resolution, colour brightness and quality of workmanship.

We always recommend Original quality. This is going to be the closest to what you were currently using on your Samsung. If you decide to go Aftermarket, and you are not entirely satisfied, that is no problem: pay the difference and we will change you over to Original at no additional labour charge. Both screens are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee, so if you have any issues, we are here!

How to give your Samsung screen a better chance:
• Find a case that suits your lifestyle: Otterbox Defender if you are working construction
• Tempered Glass screen protector
• Quality case: do not cheap out!

Samsung Battery Issue/ Replacement:
Possible symptoms you are experiencing with your Samsung Battery:
• Samsung will not turn on
• Samsung just displays the out of battery icon on the screen
• Not holding a charge
• Fluctuation in power: 50% instantly drops to 10%
• Unexpected shutdowns
• Battery life reading not consistent

If your Samsung is not holding a charge, there is a good chance replacing the battery will solve the issue and restore the Samsung back to proper battery life. Generally after a couple years, or based on your usage your battery, capacity can be exhausted much earlier. If you are unsure and need confirmation, mobilemend offers a free battery diagnosis that will determine battery health on the spot. At the Brantford shop, we do are best to keep all Samsung batteries in-stock. Most Samsung batteries can be replaced with-in the hour after proper diagnostics.

Quality of parts is number one for us at mobilmend. When replacing your Samsung battery, we use original quality. Don’t be fooled and think you need to buy a brand new Samsung because you cannot access your battery. When, in fact, the technicians at mobilemend can have one replaced for you.

How to maximize your battery performance:
• Avoid extreme temperatures: direct sunlight or bitter cold
• Keep an eye on battery usage information located under Battery in settings.
• Activate low power mode under Battery in settings.
• Optimize your settings: do not always have you screen brightness to the highest setting.

Samsung Charge Port Replacement
Possible symptoms you may be experiencing with your Samsung Charging Port:
• Charging cable fitting loose
• Bouncing in and out of charging mode
• Not charging fully
• Charging cable not going all the way into the port
• Moving your Samsung cable a certain way to charge
• Samsung does not charge at all

If your Samsung is not recognizing the charging cable. or not properly fitting into the charging port, the technicians at mobilemend are here to help. We can have your Samsungs charging port replaced on-site – same day – usually within an hour. Now it is very possible all your port needs is be thoroughly cleaned out. Do not try this at home because you may damage the pins inside the port. At mobilemend, we will let you know if all your port needs is just a clean out or needs to be replaced.

It’s always best to double check your charging cable to rule that out. We recommend trying multiply chargers and charging bricks. If you are not entirely sure, drop by with your Samsung and charging cables.

How to care for your charging port:
• Find a case that has a tab that covers the port
• Avoid pulling hard on the cable, gently pull out the cable from the base of the iPhone
• Double check that the end of the charging cable is clean

Samsung Data Transfer
Possible reasons you may need Data Transfer:
• Need to copy from old Samsung to new
• Copy your data to a USB storage
• Free up storage: Storage Almost Full

Time to switch to your new Samsung? Or looking to switch to another Smartphone? At mobilemend, we are able to facilitate the transfer data from one Samsung to another, or Samsung data to another type of Smartphone. Often times you may have a broken screen or cannot access your data on your Samsung. The technicians at mobilemend can try to temporary restore functionality to gain access to your data. Once we have access, we will be able to transfer that data over to a new device or USB storage.

You may experience the warning: Storage Almost Full. We will be able to assist with transferring your data to USB storage. This should help free up space on your Samsung to run at optimum performance. At the shop, we hear way too many times that data has not been properly backed up or not at all. If the Samsung is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, that data is gone forever. You should do your best to get in the habit of backing up your Samsung monthly or after a special event to prevent from potential data loss. If you have questions about transferring or backing up your data, drop by the shop or give us a call.

Samsung Water Damage Data Recovery
At mobilemend, we focus on Data Recovery when it comes to water damaged Samsung. The biggest reason for this is we are unable to guarantee our workmanship on the repair due to the inconsistencies that exist after the process. The process for data recovery can take up to 3-5 business days. This is not a process you want to rush and we have been successful recovering irreplaceable data for our customers.

You want a shop that has the proper equipment and experience to take on your data recovery mission. One of our head technicians has attended an iPad Rehabs microsoldering course that focuses solely on understanding motherboard repair for data recovery. Just like any repair, it is always best to ask questions when choosing a reputable shop to recover your data. Inexperience can lead to permanent damage and ultimately lead to never recovering your data again. We encourage you to bring by your previously water damaged Samsung attempt if you would like a second opinion on data recovery. If you have anymore questions about the process, drop by your nearest mobilemend shop.

If you are planning on being near water, it is always best to invest in a case that has water/dust protection. Regardless if your Samsung has the certification or not, make sure it has the proper protection, because we see all models for water damage data recovery.

How to prevent further damage to your data:

• Turn off Samsung instantly
• Bring us your Samsung right away
• Do not plug into charger to see if it will power up!
• Rice will not help your Samsung, save it for your meals

Water Damage Data Recovery

We are now offering data recovery for water damaged phones. There is no “fix” for actual water damage, therefore, we do not offer “water damage repair”.

We will attempt to recover and backup all the data your have stored on your phone. You will only be charged for this. If the there was very little or no damage to the motherboard, there is a good chance your phone will work fine if something is replaced (a screen for example). There is always a good chance your phone can work again with a bit of cleaning to the motherboard and possibly a few repairs/new parts. We cannot guarantee anything with these repairs because of the wide variety of possible problems. DO NOT put your phone in rice. It is completely pointless, and your phone coming in wet is better than dry and corroded.

Samsung Software Repair
Possible Software issues you are experiencing:
• Functionality loss with Samsung
• Unable to access Samsung: “Samsung Disabled”
• Forgot your password

No response to your device after a software update? Finding that your device is not acting the way it should? A lot of the time, a corrupt update could be the culprit to many issues to your Samsung. mobilemend has the ability to perform software re-installs, and often this will correct the issue. If you have forgotten your passcode, or your Samsung is disabled, we can restore your Samsung back to factory settings to allow you to gain access back to your Samsung.

. Bring your Samsung to any one of our three convenient locations and we can go over your options to regain access to your Samsung.

Samsung Microphone Repair
Possible symptoms you are experiencing with your Microphone:

• People can not hear you during phone or calls
• You are sounding unclear to people during phone calls
• Playing back recorded audio the sound is unclear or there is no sound at all
• Voice-to-text is unable to detect your voice
• Audio sources can not be changed during phone calls

Samsung microphone not working? At mobilemend, we can restore audio back to your Samsung with replacing the microphone. On your Samsung, there is more than one microphone that could potentially fail and need to be replaced to restore sound. The primary microphone located at the bottom of the device can be tested during a phone call. The Front microphone located near your ear speaker can be tested by recording a front facing video. Finally, the rear microphone located on the backside of the Samsung can be tested by recording a video with the rear camera.

If you are unsure what microphone is no longer working, drop by your nearest mobilemend location for assistance. Depending on which microphone needs to be replaced, we can have the repair done on the same day. Microphone replacement is backed by our Lifetime guarantee on parts and workmanship.

Samsung Headphone Jack Repair
Possible issues you are experiencing with your headphone jack:
• Crackling sound
• Sound only coming from one ear phone
• Unable to put cable all the way into the jack
• No sound at all
• Volume not as loud

Samsung headphone jack not working? At mobilemend, we have a repair solution for your Samsung’s headphone jack. If you are finding the the jack is loose or hearing static through your earphones, that is a good indication you need to have your headphone jack repaired or properly cleaned out. If you have broken off the headphone jack inside your Samsung, we use the proper technique to remove the broken jack. If too much damage was done, we will just replace the jack. With some of the newer Samsung models you no longer have a headphone jack.

Headphone jack replacement is a same day repair, usually within an hour, depending on what we have going on at the shops. Repair warranty on this repair is backed by our Lifetime guarantee at any of our three locations.  

How to care for your Headphone Jack:
• Invest in some bluetooth headphones
• Find a case that has a tab that covers the port
• Avoid pulling hard on the cable, gently pull out the cable from the base of the Samsung
• Double check that the end of the headphone jack is clean

Samsung Camera Repair
Possible issues you are experiencing with your cameras:

• Blurred images
• Out of focus
• Dark spots
• Black screen when launching the camera app
• Broken camera lens glass
• Dirty inside camera lens

Samsung camera not working? If you are experiencing any of the symptoms described above, there is a good chance you camera needs to be replaced. At mobilemend, we can replace both the front facing camera or the rear camera, If needed. We can even replace the rear camera lens glass if that happens to be cracked or shattered. If you notice a closed lens or black screen when launching the camera app, try restarting your Samsung – that may fix the issue.

The technicians at mobilemend have the experience to properly diagnose your camera issue if you are unsure. If one of the cameras need to be replaced, repair turnaround is same day. All parts replaced and workmanship is backed by our lifetime guarantee

How to maintain optimum camera performance on your Samsung:

• Always make sure you camera lens is clean
• Durable case that protects your camera
• Make sure you have enough storage space

Samsung Button Repair:
Possible symptoms you are having with your Samsung buttons:

• Getting no response after pressing
• Will not adjust volume
• Ring/Silent switch will not work
• Button is sticky
• Home button is cracked

Trying to use your Samsung and finding one of the buttons are no longer working? There are several buttons on the Samsung depending on which Samsung you have. The most common buttons on your Samsung include: home button, power button, volume up/down including ring/silent switch. All buttons play a huge role in overall functionality. At mobilemend, we have we are able to replace your buttons on your Samsung.

If your Samsung has Touch ID functionality, unfortunately after replacing the button, you will no longer have the ability to use the fingerprint feature. If that is a concern, contact Samsung directly to set up an appointment to have your touch ID replaced.  If you are unsure which button needs to be replaced on your Samsung, drop by today for a specialist to have a look. All buttons replaced are backed by mobilemend’s lifetime guarantee and workmanship.

How to prevent button damage on your Samsung:
• Make sure your hands are clean
• No need for abrupt force or pressure
• Find a case that helps protect buttons

Does your power button no longer work for turning the screen on? Or volume buttons don’t work anymore? They just need to be replaced.

• Power/Lock button clicks but does nothing
• Power/Lock button doesn’t click at all(usually on the 4/4S)
• Volume buttons no longer work
• Vibrate switch does nothing


Samsung Speaker Repair
Possible issues you are experiencing with your Samsung’s Speakers:

• No sound coming from the ear speaker
• Faint sound coming from the ear speaker  
• Crackling or static coming from ear speaker
• Speakerphone not working
• Unable to hear music from the loud speaker

Samsung speaker not working during calls? Trying to play your music but no sound is coming from your speaker on your Samsung? On your Samsung, there are two speakers responsible for sound. The Ear Speaker is what you hear through when making phone calls. The Loudspeaker is located at the bottom portion of the iPhone – most commonly heard when you get notifications or when you listen to media on your Samsung without headphones plugged in. At mobilemend, we have the ability to replace your ear speaker or loudspeaker depending on which one needs to be replaced.

If you are unsure which one needs to be replaced, drop by your nearest location and we will diagnose the issue on the spot. Ear speaker and Loudspeaker replacements are backed by our lifetime guarantee on parts and workmanship.

How to maintain your speakers on your Samsung:
• Keep ear speaker and loudspeaker clean
• Try not to play at full volume
• Durable case that protects speakers from external elements

Samsung Motherboard Repair:
Possible symptoms your Samsung may need motherboard repair:
• After replacing other parts on your Samsung, it still does not work
• Damage from previous repair attempts
• Water Damage   
• You were told your iPhone is beyond repair by another shop.

At mobilemend we have invested in our technicians and the latest repair equipment that allows us to offer board level repairs. We are confident that no other shop in town can offer the same level of service we can. Our motherboard specialist has been to courses that solely focus on motherboard repair and data recovery. We have been successful with recovering data on Samsung devices that were classified beyond repair by other shops and replacing board level components on Samsung devices with signature problems.

Turnaround time can vary for motherboard repair. This is a process that requires time with a general turnaround time of 1-2 weeks, sometimes sooner depending on how busy we are for motherboard repair. If you have any questions regarding Samsung motherboard repair, drop by your nearest shop or give us a call.

• mobilemend is an independent service company that is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to the companies/brands serviced/sold at any of its locations •


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Check out this short video to get a glimpse of how our mobilemend technicians handle Samsung Repairs


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