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3 Spooky Ways To Celebrate Quarantine Halloween | With A Techy-Twist!

3 Spooky Ways To Celebrate Quarantine Halloween-1

2020 has been the year of redefining holiday traditions amongst other celebrations!

Although Covid was not on any of our wishlists, we are learning how to make adjustments and simply work with the cards this year has dealt. 

If you’re looking for some exciting and creative ideas to spice up this holiday, you’ve come to the right place. In this month’s blog we’re serving up some unique ways you can celebrate Quarantine Halloween, with a techy-twist of course! 

We’ve got a little something for everyone, so grab a warm fall beverage, get cozy and prepare to be inspired!

Quarantine Costume Party

Whether you take the time to create your own costume with all of the materials from scratch, or pickup a good old store bought option. There’s nothing stopping you from getting spooky with your friends. Sure you might not get a chance to attend any costume events together, however get your bubble ready and whoever can’t make it, say hello to Zoom or House Party!

If you aren’t familiar with these applications by now (first off, where have you been?). Zoom and House Party allow you to use your smartphone to bring together the whole gang over video chat. This means whoever can’t travel to join in on the fun or is not a part of your bubble, can still paint their face with fake blood and celebrate virtually.

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Halloween Scavenger Hunt - Trick-Or-Treat With A Twist

This is perfect for anybody opting out of traditional trick-or-treating this year. Depending on where you live trick-or-treating may still be an event with some precautions being taken, however we’ve got an alternate plan just in case!

Step 1 : Pickup some of your children’s absolute favourite goodies, and maybe some for yourself, after all you’re not going to have the option to rummage through their candy bag this year so you’ve got to be proactive!

Step 2 : Pick your hiding spots and drop the goods! If you’re feeling a little extra you could always assemble mini Halloween goodie bags instead of single pieces of candy/treats.

Halloween Blog image - mobilemend

Step 3 : Use your smartphone to snap a close up photo of the hidden location and print off the photos. If you don’t have a printer in your home, printing off photos from your smartphone is super easy at any printing location or even the Walmart photo center, it’s inexpensive and extremely fast!

Step 4 : Compile all of your scavenger hunt photo clues together and prep for the hunt.You can always decorate envelopes for the photo clues with stickers of ghosts and ghouls and really make this as over the top as you’d like! 

Step 5 : Enjoy this unique Halloween celebration with the kiddos!

Hallo-Weekend Movie Marathon

Who doesn’t love a movie marathon? Especially during this time of year! It’s quarantine friendly, perfect for getting cozy and you can decide if you want an all out scarefest or something a little more PG-13. 

Sure you may have already considered this, however lucky for you I have compiled a little list of the top rated must see Halloween programs based off of the most popular streaming platforms. 

As long as you’re equipped with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or smart tv you’re good to go!


Hubie Halloween 

This is a new one out on Netflix and although I’ve yet to dive in myself, this movie stars Adam Sandler so it’s sure to provide you with feel-good laughter all wrapped together in a family friendly Halloween flick, yes please!


This is the perfect slasher / thriller series to take on in the chilling month of October. I’m no series/ movie critic however in my opinion the story line is very well done and an absolute must see. If you get spooked easily make sure to lock your doors and prep an extra bag of popcorn for comfort, before pressing play.

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina 

We all know Sabrina The Teenage Witch is an absolute classic, I love that Netflix spruced it up with their own take and delivered this series to their platform. If you’re looking to one up a family friendly Halloween series yet not take the plunge into something that may leave you with nightmares this is the perfect in between!

3 Spooky Ways To Celebrate Quarantine Halloween-4

Disney Plus

Hocus Pocus

Something I love about Disney Plus? The fact that they came to play when it comes to their Halloween classics! Hocus Pocus needs no introduction from me, get your witchy adventures in with this oldie but a goodie. 


Disney Plus has the entire Halloweentown collection available to binge and enjoy! Whether you’re a millennial like myself, looking to relive your childhood movie memories, or you were born into a different generation, these classics will not disappoint.

Nightmare Before Christmas 

We adore Tim Burton, even more so during this time of year! The hand doodled, highly detailed, creepy animations provide us with a movie that will never get old. If Halloween was a person, I’m positive it would be Tim Burton.

Amazon Prime

The Shining

Amazon Prime has the original copy of The Shining on their platform and if you’re looking to take a trip down memory lane this is the perfect time to venture down it. Although I wouldn’t recommend it for the kids, there’s probably a good chance older teens haven’t seen this one and it almost seems like a right of passage into the thrillers world.


Both Gremlins 1 and 2 are available for you to binge, and these little monsters scream 90’s Halloween like none other! Family friendly, yet still super enjoyable for anyone older, you just can’t go wrong. 


Michael Myers, the one we all know and love… Okay maybe not love, but you just can’t sleep on this one I mean the title of this movie literally spells it out for us, so that has to count for something. Get your bubble together and watch this psycho serial killer do what he does best, or hold your peace until next year. 

That’s A Wrap

Yes the way we celebrate our favourite Holidays may be painted a little differently this year, but we have the ability to get creative and try to enjoy these milestones in a new light. Any of the idea’s above can easily be made to enjoy with a little help from your smartphone, laptop, tablet or television.

Let us know how you plan on indulging in this year’s spooky season!

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~ Morgan Xiola blogging on behalf of Mobile Mend

Morgan is a smoothie powered, social media content creator that has recently begun dipping her toes into the blogging world. Striving to create inspiring, useful content that everyone can relate to with just a few clicks.



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