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Our Customers

Why do customers choose mobilemend for their everyday tech services?
We create long lasting quality relationships!

Our customers are looking for honest, genuine help that feels authentic when it comes to their cellphone, tablet & computer repair services.

mobilemend customers have described their experiences with us as :“like talking with a friend.” Which is exactly what we aspire to achieve!

mobilemend customers love the sense of community that we deliver, as we stay true to our local business roots here in Brantford & Simcoe Ontario.

mobilemend Promise

We call these the key 3 that make us unique

We operate the longest serving phone, tablet & computer repair shops in Brant County & Norfolk County, ON.

Our technicians come backed with not only 10 + years of experience in the years mobilemend has been open, but they also have additional experience even before our business making us a unique find for our repair industry!

We help our customers find their perfect pre-loved (refurbished) phone & iPad matches that :

meet their budget
warranty needs
kick contracts to the curb
plus, we service what we sell onsite!

We take the confusion & replace it with confidence for our customers looking to get the help they need to better understand their tech.

One on one sessions tailored to meet our customers at the level they’re at with their tech. We help with a wide range of learning services including iPad classes for seniors / beginners, small business tech support, beginners guidebooks & more.

We call these our key 3 because we’re able to support our customers with each base of their everyday essential tech needs & we know that makes mobilemend pretty unique!

About the mobilemend Team

Get to know the faces behind your favourite local cellphone, tablet & computer repair shop!

mobilmend Nate - About mobilmend
mobilemend Nate
mobilmend goat

Head Repair Technician mobilemend Brantford location / Business Owner

Nate is passionate about creating a local customer experience like no other when it comes to the repair industry.
Backed with a business degree, multiple certifications in repair, & decades of experience.
Nate is really known for how he makes customers feel when it comes to mobilemend services, customers genuinely enjoy the honest, effortless approach that Nate delivers.

Loves : Oat cappuccinos, early mornings, his family & cats plus putting in extra hours behind the scenes for mobilemend.

mobilemend Justin

Head Repair Technician mobilemend Simcoe location / Co Owner

Customers rely on Justin for being able to problem solve almost any tech related concern / question that come his way.

Justin has an extensive background in repair, dating all the way back to his childhood when he first developed his love for custom computer building.

Decades of experience in the repair industry & multi-certified in various repair & micro-soldering programs, Justin is the go to guy for all things tech.

Loves : Dirty chai lattes, his beagle Syl, working on his extensive music playlists & being sassy but straight to the point.

mobilmend Morgan - about mobilmend
mobilemend Morgan

Marketing, Social Media & Operations Manager

Morgan is a passionate creative that implements strategy & planning to make sure mobilemend hits brand & business goals.She focuses on creating a seamless brand aesthetic, voice & energy online, in shop & within the communities mobilemend services – while ensuring daily operations are organized & effective.She brings years of marketing experience to the table, along with previous business experience & certifications.

Loves : Starbucks shaken espresso, slow mornings, her loved ones, anything design related & a good adventure.

mobilemend Lynne

Technician mobilemend Simcoe location

Lynne is known for her intelligent approach to repair, she is a naturally talented technician that has an eye for the little details.

She represents every quality our customers would want in the technician handling their devices!

Lynne has a background in multiple industries, she loves to learn new things – making her the perfect fit for the ever evolving world of tech repair!

Loves : Cream of earl grey tea, her cats, painting & a cozy day in her house with no plans.

mobilmend Lynne - about mobilmend
mobilmend Miranda - about mobilmend
mobilemend Miranda

Front Desk Receptionist mobilemend Simcoe location

Miranda sets the bar for delivering an unmatched customer experience, her ability to make anyone feel right at home is her super power!

With her background in reception, Miranda bridges the gap between mobilemend customers receiving the proper care they require for their services, & coordinating the services properly with our technicians. She is a crucial puzzle piece in the day-to-day at mobilemend.

Loves : Extra large steeped tea, her family time, living in Norfolk County & keeping the positive vibes flowing.

mobilemend Syl (Sylphrena)

mobilemend Mascot

Syl is the most popular of the mobilemend team, & she enjoys her local celebrity status.

She loves to greet all customers, but has a special relationship with the delivery drivers that drop off our repair parts.

She hasn’t missed a day of work yet & plans to continue spending her days working hard to bring more smiles to mobilemend customers.

Loves : Immediately pulling each toy out of her toy bin as soon as they’re cleaned up & spreading them throughout the shop,
attention… & more attention, crumbs & the snow.

mobilmend Syl - about mobilmend

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