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mobilemend Brantford

169 Copernicus Blvd.
Brantford ON N3P 1N4
519 732-9292

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mobilemend Brantford cell phone repair iphone repair tablet repair

iPhone Repairs

We repair all generations of iPhone and, depending on the repair issue, we will have your iPhone back the same day.

Smartphone Repairs

mobilemend has you covered when it comes to repairing the most common issues with your Smartphone. We have affordable repair options available regardless of make or model.

iPad Repairs

From iPad Mini’s all the way up to latest iPad Pro’s, the technicians at mobilemend have the expertise to get your iPad fully functional again.

Tablet Repairs

We repair all generations of iPhone and, depending on the repair issue, we will have your iPhone back the same day.

Computer Repairs

At mobilemend we offer full diagnostic services for your Windows PC and Mac computer.

Video Game Console Repairs

At mobilemend, we have the
experience to help you out with your gaming console issues.

Chromebook Repairs

You can now get your Chromebook serviced at mobilemend. We have affordable repair options to keep your Chromebook fully operational for when you need it the most.

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Having trouble viewing your latest selfie through your broken cell phone screen? At mobilemend, we offer in-store screen repair on: iPhones, Cell Phones, iPads, Tablets and Laptops. We keep stock on the latest brands from: Apple, Samsung, LG and many more. Depending on the brand, most screen repairs can be done on the same day and usually within an hour. Appointments are not necessary, but if you would like a time that best fits your schedule for your screen repair give us a call or drop by your nearest shop.

Finding that your battery is no longer holding a charge like it once was? Mobilemend offers in-store battery replacements for: iPhones, Cell Phones, iPads, Tablets and Laptops. We stock the most popular brands: Apple, Samsung, LG and many more. Most battery replacements are done same day depending on make and model of your device. If you want to make an appointment that works best for your schedule, we can make that work although appointments are not necessary. If you have any question about battery replacements, drop by your nearest shop or give us a call. iPhone repair Brantford.

Are you finding that your device is no longer recognizing your charger cable no matter what way you try to angle it in the port? At mobilemend, we have the ability to properly diagnose and repair your charging port. We offer in-store charge port replacements for the latest devices: iPhones, Cell Phones, iPad, Tablets and Laptops. We currently stock the latest charge ports for: Apple, Samsung, LG and many more. Charge port repair can be done same day depending on make and model of your device. If are not sure if your charge port needs to be replaced, drop by your nearest mobilemend shop or give us a call. Appointments are not necessary, however, if you want to schedule a time, we can make that work.

Did your iPhone happen to fall into water or come in contact with liquid? At mobilemend, we focus on data recovery when it comes to water damaged devices. The biggest reason for this is we are unable to guarantee our workmanship on the repair due to the inconsistencies that exist after the process. Water Damage Data Recovery services is available on: iPhones, Cell Phones, iPads, Tablets and Laptops. The process for data recovery can take up to 2-4 weeks. This is not a process you want to rush and we have been successful recovering irreplaceable data for our customers. Just like any repair, it is always best to ask questions when choosing a reputable shop to recover your data. If you have questions about water damage data recovery, drop by your nearest shop or give us a call.

Is your screen broken and you can no longer get access to your data to move over to your new device? At mobilemend, we can temporary restore screen functionality to backup your data to move over to your new device. This service is available for: iPhone, Cell Phones, iPads and Tablets. Depending on the condition and part availability, data transfers can be done on the same day in our store. If you have any questions about our data transfer service, drop by your nearest shop or give us a call.

Battery Replacement from mobilemend


Find out how mobilemend can help your local business with repairs for all of your employees


Why choose
mobilemend Brantford?

Service the Right Way

This is the number one reason
we are serving you today.
From the very beginning
of the repair process right
up to the end. We are
there for our customers.
At mobilemend, we like to think
that we have the best service
in the device repair industry

Industry Experience

You want a reputable and honest repair shop working on your device. With our extensive  knowledge and training
in the telecommunications
and electronic repair industry,
mobilemend has the experience
you are looking for when
 servicing your technology.

Same Day Repairs

We specialize in local same
day repair. The technicians at
mobilemend strive to have your
repair completed on the same day- sometimes within the hour.
Drop by your nearest location
today or call to see if your
device is eligible for same
day repair service

Our Lifetime Guarantee

At mobilemend, our
commitment to workmanship
and the part(s) replaced
are backed by a
Lifetime Guarantee
available at any one of
our three locations –
taking the worry out of
device repair!

Your Local Cell Phone Repair Shop in Brantford

Locally, mobilemend Brantford is known for fast same day service for Cell Phone Repairs, Smartphone Repairs, iPhone Repairs, Tablet Repairs, iPad Repairs, Laptop Repairs, Computer Repairs and Chromebook Repairs. With a convenient location in Brantford, you can count on mobilemend Brantford to deliver top quality repairs and fast turnaround for your repair needs!

Mobilemend Brantford takes pride in providing the best customer service in the repair industry when it comes to pre repair check in, post repair check out and warranty inquiries. Some of the services we specialize in include: Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, Charging Port Replacement, Water Damage Data Recovery and Data Recovery.

With keeping everyone’s budget in mind, we do our best to offer affordable pricing on all of our repairs. On most repairs, we offer lifetime warranty on parts replaced to give you the piece of mind on your repair decisions. We offer several channels for you to reach out to us for your repair estimate. You can call us at the shop, send us an email directly, fill out a repair form on our website or even chat to us live on our website and any one of our social pages such as Facebook or Instagram.

Mobilemend is currently recognized as the top rated Cell Phone Repair Service on the Three Best Rated webstie and Brantford’s Platinum Winner for Best Cell Phone Services.

Brantford Cell Phone Repair | iPhone Repair Brantford | iPad Repair Brantford | Tablet Repair Brantford | Computer Repairs | Video Game Console Repairs Brantford | Chromebook Repairs | Cell Phone Repair Near Me (Brant County)


mobilemend Brantford


Simple. We’ve made it convenient to get a hold of us for a quote or estimate. You can Call your nearest shop, Email, Facebook, Instagram and Live Chat on the website when available. You can also drop by in person to talk one on one with a technician

Once you have your quote, drop by your nearest shop. Appointments are not always necessary but it is good to check with the shop to make sure the repair turnaround is going to work best for you. Most repairs can be done the same day onsite. When at the shop to drop off your device, we have a straightforward check in process to go over with you to ensure we are on the same page for your repair needs.
Now that you have checked in your device, the repair process starts on our end. If any unforeseen issues arise, be sure to know we will be in contact with you with an update. As soon as the repair has been completed, we will be in touch with you to let you know when you can come by to pick up. We will often let you know at the shop when the best time is to come back for your repair. If you have any questions on the repair process please give us a call.

Costs vary depending on make and model. We offer affordable pricing on all repairs, with budget friendly aftermarket parts to higher grade parts. We have a budget for all.

We recommend looking into all your options . It is always best to reach out to the company you purchased the device from to make sure you do not have any extended warranties. You can price shop for the best quote around for your specific repair needs. Keep in mind, if one repair shop is considerably cheaper than the other, chances are there is a difference in parts being used – you get what you pay for. Not all repair shops use the same quality of parts and use the same supplier – you wouldn’t believe how many there are. Mobilemend is committed to being the local leader in device repair. If you have any questions related to cost and parts, we would be happy to assist you.

Repair turnaround time can vary depending on make, model and the kind of repair needed. We strive to have your repair done the same day, if the specific part is in stock. Mobilemend has one of the biggest inventories locally when it comes to parts. If we do not have your part in stock, we can arrange to have the part available for the next business day.

Yes. Most parts, we offer lifetime warranty on parts replaced. However this does not cover personal damage of any kind. We encourage you to bring your device to the nearest shop if you have any warranty concerns on the work we have done, even if you’re not sure if it’s covered under our lifetime guarantee. With two convenient locations in Brantford and Simcoe you can bring your device to either shop.

We do! Some of our most popular computer services include : virus removal, cleanups & data recovery. 
Reach out today for more info!
Simcoe Location  •  Brantford Location

Chargeport clean-outs are the most common. We often keep our devices in our pockets, bags, etc. So it’s no surprise that they can easily attract debris in the ports. Luckily with the correct tools & methods we can offer chargeport cleanouts fairly quickly to our customers.

Recycle My Cell
Recycle Program

• mobilemend is an independent service company that is not
affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way
officially connected to the companies/brands
serviced/sold at any of its locations •



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