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Tips to Support Local Businesses During Corana Virus mobilemend blog 1

How To Support Local Businesses During Coronavirus

Five Exceptional Tips

How can you support your favourite local businesses during the current coronavirus pandemic? Perhaps it’s your favourite local coffee spot, that special place you stroll into mid-work-day, just the smell of the beans brewing gives you that extra boost you need! 

Or is it that little antique shop down on the corner, your go-to local business full of hidden treasures that can’t be found anywhere else, maybe it’s your local, reliable tech repair shop that always has your back. (*brownie points*)

Regardless of which local gem means the most to you, we can all agree that local businesses are always there, working hard to serve our communities. Now is a great time to show support and appreciation during the coronavirus pandemic, even if it’s from the cozy comfort of our own homes. So sit back and scroll through for our top five exceptional tips


Support Local With These Five Exceptional Tips

Google Reviews 

Local businesses live for Google reviews! Google is the hot spot for tracking down businesses and finding the perfect match for your needs. Leaving a Google review and letting everyone know about your personal experience is the perfect way to show support. Google reviews are an excellent way to voice your thoughts and opinions, and the best part is that it’s 100% free.

Social Media Support 

Social media, or rather, Google’s partner in crime! Supporting your favorite local businesses on social media is free, quick and so easy to do, making it an excellent option during the coronavirus pandemic.

Show your appreciation by simply following, liking, commenting and sharing posts with friends and family. During this time of distance, social media is the best way to stay connected with local businesses and cheer them on from the comfort of your own home. Bonus – many local businesses share valuable content directly to their social media accounts that you may have otherwise missed out on.

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Gift Certificates 

Purchasing a gift certificate to redeem at a later date is a fantastic way to support local businesses, plus your future self will thank you. We can all agree there’s nothing more satisfying then reaching into our wallets, only to be pleasantly reminded we have a gift certificate ready to go, score! Check with your favorite local shops on their current gift certificate policies.

Reschedule For a Later Date 

This tip is directed more towards local businesses that offer specific services; home renovations, hair salons, cleaning services and even us here at Mobile Mend! The coronavirus pandemic has the majority of us staying home, only venturing out for our essential needs. Rather than cancelling appointments all together, rescheduling for a later date is the perfect way to support local businesses and show businesses that they can count on you!

Consider “Small” Before Going “Big”

This is more of a post-quarantine tip, however it may still apply to businesses that remain open as an essential service. Our economy is going through a difficult time due to the current coronavirus pandemic, and as consumers, we have the power to keep our coins in our communities. There’s no denying the fact that we may rely on large corporate businesses for some of our needs, but when possible, choosing to shop and support local can make a big difference! 

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How Do You Show Your Support?

We are so excited to be able to share our favorite tips on this topic. Local businesses truly are the glue that hold our communities together, so even if the funds are tight or the social distancing is keeping us at home, we know there’s always a way to simply say – “thank you”. Let us know if these tips were helpful to you, or maybe you have some inspiring tips of your own to share! Feedback is encouraged – share with us today on our social media!

~ Morgan Xiola blogging on behalf of Mobile Mend

Morgan is a smoothie powered, social media content creator that has recently begun dipping her toes into the blogging world. Striving to create inspiring, useful content that everyone can relate to with just a few clicks.



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