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Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

Depending on the model of your iPhone, the price will vary on part cost. At mobilemend we offer two quality versions: Regular and Premium. Our repair specialists will be happy to go over the differences and answer any question you have regarding your iPhone screen repair. Keep in mind it is always best to double check with Apple  or your Cellphone provider to see if you have any extended warranty that may cover your repair through their repair channels.

Yes, iPhone screen repair is one of the most popular repairs done at mobilemend. Your cracked or broken iPhone screen usually looks worse than it is. A few issues you may notice, just the top glass is broken or the screen is no longer displaying an image. Both are issues that can be repaired at our repair shops onsite. 

This will depend on the model of iPhone you have. If you need help determining what iPhone model you have please reach out to one of our repair specialists for assistance. At mobilemend we stock all models iPhone batteries for replacement and the repair is usually done within an hour!

With the iPhones having a battery that is not accessible without the proper tools, it may seem like it is not worth replacing. iPhone battery repair is a popular service offered at mobilemend. You will notice a difference right away in battery life and performance in most cases after a battery replacement.

There can be a few reasons your iPhone may not be charging or charging slowly when plugged in. Oftentimes at the shop we come across the charging port is blocked with dirt/debris, a damaged charging port or the charging cable you are using is no good. All reasons that are mentioned, mobilemend can help out with.

If your iPhone will not turn on, don’t panic! There could be several issues causing your iPhone not to turn on. Best bet is to contact us right away. If that is not possible a few things you could try: check your charging cable or try it on another device in the house/office if possible. Try performing Apple’s recommended force restart.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - mobilemend cell phone repairs

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