Screen Replacement:

Cracked, No image, or both: there is a
high chance that all your iPad needs
is a new screen. With screen replacements
done onsite at any one of our three
convenient locations you will not be
without your iPad for long.

Battery Issue/Replacement:

If your iPad is not holding a charge,
there is a good chance replacing
the battery will bring the iPad
back to how it used to be.
Don’t be fooled and think you
need to buy a brand new iPad
because you cannot access your
battery. When, in fact, the technicians
at mobilemend can have one replaced for you.

Charging Issues
(Port repair / replacement):

If your iPad is not recognizing
the charging cable or not properly
fitting into the charging port,
mobilemend is here to help.
Depending on your model of iPad
the charge port is soldered to the mainboard
which we have the expertise to do so.

Data Transfer/Recovery: 
If you have a broken Screen or
cannot access your data on
your iPad, the technicians at
mobilemend can try to temporary
restore functionality to gain access to your
data. Once we have access, we
will be able to transfer that data over to a new iPad
or a usb stick. Drop by one of our three
convenient locations to see if we can
help out with getting your data back.

Water Damage Data Recovery:

The technicians at mobilemend will
attempt to recover and back-up
up your data from your
water damaged iPad. We do not
guarantee device functionality
afterwards due to the inconsistencies
associated with the mainboard
being exposed to water/liquid/moisture.

Software/ OS reinstall:

No response to your iPad after a
software update? Finding that
your iPad is not acting the way
it should? A lot of the time, a
corrupt update could be the
culprit to many issues to your iPad.
mobilemend has the ability to
perform software reinstalls at all of
our locations.

Password/Disabled lock screen

Have you forgotten your password
for your iPad's lock screen? At mobilemend,
we could wipe your device
back to factory settings to allow
you to gain access back to you iPad.
Bring your iPad to any one of our
three convenient locations and
we can go over your options to regain
access to your iPad.

Button Replacement
(Power / Volume / Home):

When you are experiencing no clicking
or response from any of your phone's
buttons, swing by mobilemend and
have one of the skilled technicians
have a look. At our three convenient
locations, we will be able to
properly diagnose the issues you
are experiencing.

Mainboard Repair
(Charging IC / Touch IC /Damaged Connectors):

mobilemend is equipped with the
latest repair tools to fix a
lot of the jobs other shops
cannot fix. If you are a repair
shop that needs assistance,
or a do-it-yourself type and have
damaged a mainboard component,
we are here to help. Visit us at any
one of our three convenient locations
for us to have a look at what needs
to be repaired.

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