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Top 10 Christmas Gift Must Haves

Unique Gifts You’ll Actually Want To Give!


Christmas is approaching fast & the Holiday season is officially in full swing!

Whether you’re shopping for your parents/grandparents, children, spouse, your fur-child or even a little something for yourself (you’ve earned it!) we have got you 100% covered.

This is not your typical gift guide, this is hands down the most elite, those gifts that you’re actually going to want to give. We could go on and on, but instead let’s jump right into it with these top 10 Christmas must haves!

Stocking Stuffers

★ Bright Wifi Multi-Colour LED Smart Bulb

These special bulbs will guarantee that you will always have the ability to create the perfect ambiance in your home! They provide you with the ultimate colour palette to adjust the light colours, tones & shades to whatever you’d like. 

Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa or simply by the touch of the app on your smartphone.

★ Cable Bites

Cable bites come in a wide range of fun little animal figures with the sole purpose of protecting the ends of charging cables from bending and breaking. 

We all know someone that has a charging cable that looks like it’s been through World War 1 and back, save their charging cable with this wonderfully inexpensive option!

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★ Wireless Charger

For the person in your life that likes to keep their home as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Doesn’t it feel like those pesky charging cables are always getting in the way of that? 

Replace the slough of cables laying around with a sleek, discreet charging pad. 

Bonus, you simply pop your device on top of the pad and it charges! 

Just make sure the device is wireless charging compatible.

★ Mug Warmer

If you know someone that always has their coffee or tea go cold on them, this is sure to be something they’re going to love you for! Just pop your mug on this cool little gadget and keep it heated to the temperature of your liking. So simple, yet such a life saver!

★ Tempered Glass

We can almost guarantee some of you will be purchasing a new smartphone and/or tablet for a loved one this Holiday season. Our biggest recommendation? Make sure you’re protected, most people remember to pick up a protective case, but did you remember to grab some tempered glass as well? 

Don’t forget the idea behind tempered glass is that it breaks before the actual screen of the device does, a must have for your tech!


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The Big Ones

★ Tile Pro Tracker

Know someone that’s always having a mini panic attack because they can’t find their keys? Help them decrease their anxiety levels with this absolute lifesaver of a gadget. This little tracker pops onto their keychain and connects with the app on their smartphone, it’s what they didn’t know they needed but will forever be grateful for!

★ Sunrise Alarm Clock

Naturally none of us are made to wake up to the blaringly obnoxious squeals from our alarm clocks, even if you’ve got your smartphone setup to a so-called “soothing” sound, let’s be honest it’s just the worst! 

The sunrise alarm clock is what we all need, it lights up your space with the comfort of a morning sunrise and sounds from nature at a gradual setting of your choice. Keep your loved ones starting off their mornings with peace, sanity and no longer having the desire to whip their current alarms at their bedroom wall.


★ Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer

Did having a physical copy of your photo memories ever go out of style? The answer is no, it did not… 

While the majority of us no longer rely on carrying around an actual camera to snap photos thanks to smartphone technology, we know there’s someone in your life that wants those physical snapshots. This is for them, it’s so easy to connect over blu-tooth to the device of choice and have a printed copy in seconds!

★ Movie Projector

Give the gift of cozy movie nights at home with this gem, let’s face it we’re in the age of covid and nobody is going to the movie theaters. 

However even if they were, this would be an absolute home run of a gift! Connect this projector over wifi to the smart device of your choice, prep your snacks and feel free to stay in your PJ’s, you’re about to make someone’s movie night a whole lot better than ever before.

★ Furbo

A must have for your furry friend, Furbo is the best device to check-in, dispense treats and monitor your fluffy companion when you’re not home. It connects to your smartphone to provide you with updates and give you the ability to check in whenever you’d like, a gift for them and for you!

Time To Wrap It Up (Literally)

No pun intended, but seriously with all of these 10/10 ideas it’s time to check off those lists and get to wrapping those gifts! 

We would love to hear from you, so let us know if you fell in love with any of these ideas we’ve shared in this blog post.

Happy Holiday 2020 season & we’ll see you back here next month!

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~ Morgan Xiola blogging on behalf of Mobile Mend

Morgan is a smoothie powered, social media content creator that has recently begun dipping her toes into the blogging world. Striving to create inspiring, useful content that everyone can relate to with just a few clicks.



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